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May Madness

What just happened…….?

  • Fabulous MayWeek Trips 2017 for Grade 9 students

Local Trips

We had a very successful May week here at DAA. Students were given several options to participate in the three components of CAS. Below is a list of the experiences they took part in:

CREATIVITY: Cooking, Hint Hunt, Challenge Chambers & Work Experience

ACTION: IMG Worlds, Bounce, Bowling, Aventura Parks, YAS Water World & Paintball

SERVICE: Posh Paws, Teacher Assistants & Work Experience

Tim Tschumpelin of CAS co-ordinator (I was very proud of the overall behavior of our students. They represented out school well and I received positive comments from every organization that we visited.


Kenya – life changing

Twelve students in Grade 9 have just returned from East Africa where they experienced what can only be described as a life changing adventure.

The leaders of Camp Tsavo, in Kenya, said that they were particularly impressed with the determination of DAA students, as the group managed to produce 90 bricks in one day, and to build a corridor out of cement, sand and stones the following day. Students had many opportunities to meet with the community, as we visited school and helped farmers.  One of the highlights of the trip was the football game with local children. Students learnt about the daily struggle that women are facing, and met an inspirational Kenyan, Mama Mercy, who shared with DAA students the wonderful projects that are taking place to support them. They discovered the lifestyle of tribes like the Maasai and learnt a few words of Swahili, the most widely spoken language in Kenya.

The group was a tribute to the school and to their families. It was a pleasure to see them develop new skills and build confidence. Above all, the trip leaders noticed “the culture of kindness” of DAA students in their interaction with the local community, with the camp leaders and with each other.  

Asante! (Thank you in Swahili) grade 09!

Mr Jayne and Ms Frey


Nepal – a 9-day adventure

Eight students embarked on a nine-day adventure in Kathmandu, Nepal as part of their May week trip. It was truly a memorable and challenging trip with lifelong memories made. Four nights were spent in Kathmandu where students experienced the chaos of walking the small crowded streets and shopping in the local markets. They visited local Hindu and Bhuddist shrines, experienced local Nepalese foods (“momos’ were a particular hit - steamed dumplings), went rock climbing and mountain biking and experienced an authentic nepalese cultural performance.

It was also a very sobering experience witnessing the open-air Hindu cremation temple. Then, 4 nights were spent tenting in the Kathmandu highlands. A night was spent near our white-water rafting site. We then had a great three hour rafting experience on the river with students being thrown out on some rapids (don’t’ worry students all had vests and helmets for safety…) and this was the highlight of the trip for many.

Three nights were spent 1700m up in the mountains, which offered spectacular views of the valleys and even the Himalayas. Students trekked for hours to get there, and it was challenging, with steep inclines, rain, thunder and lightning mixed with the hot sun, but the walk in was truly beautiful with some amazing scenery.

Once there, students spent 2 days doing valuable service work for a local Nepalese school. Students painted, dug trenches, laid concrete and even played games and taught the local children. We also made a monetary donation, and there is no doubt our students made a big impression on the local children.

All in all, our students were superb ambassadors for DAA, and they accepted every challenge thrown at them head on, with not one complaint the entire trip. They also learnt a lot and grew personally as a result of their experiences - even dealing with insects and cold showers. It was a fantastic 9 days and thanks to our awesome students for all of their hard work and endeavor.

Mr. Murray and Ms. Mundy-Paul





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