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June 18, 2017

Yearbook: If you haven't already ordered your yearbook for the 16-17 school year, you may still order one through the ES Office for AED100. Yearbooks will be distributed during the last week of school. Please note that the Primary school has their OWN yearbook and can be ordered at the PS OFFICE.

Grade 5 Completion Ceremony:  The Grade 5 Completion Ceremony will be on Monday, June 19th for all Grade 5 students.  Parents of Grade 5 students are invited to join the ceremony at 8:30am in the auditorium (note:  doors open at 8:30am, ceremony starts at 9:00am).  Grade 5 students will be allowed to leave with their families following the ceremony (this does not include other students in the Elementary or the siblings of grade 5 students).  Invitations will be sent home with students with more information later. The dress for for grade 5 students on this special occasion will be 'smart':  collared shirts and dress pants for boys; modest dresses/skirts for girls (no bare shoulders), dressy sandals or shoes.

The Mawada Project - Helping the Refugee Children in Syria (from our Student Council Teacher Leader, Dana Connors):  There are over 5 million Syrian refugees and almost 1/2 are children ages 0–17. Students at DAA and Nations wanted these children to feel loved and cared for during their Eid celebrations. GEMS partnered with the Mawada project to make refugee's Eid wishes come true. On Wednesday, June 7th, students from DAA visited Nations, to work alongside representatives from the Mawada project. Students made dolls for refugee children living in a refugee camp in Jordan. It was an amazing experience and many dolls were made to be delivered in time for Eid (check out our pictures on this page!)

Over the next week, our Grade 4 and 5 students will have an opportunity to also get involved and make dolls and support this worthwhile cause.  The lessons our students learn, in addition to seeing student power at work, means that both the children giving and receiving will be rewarded by this experience.  

From the Counselor:  


  • Think of your summer vacation as a teachable moment and use opportunities to get your kids reading, doing math, learning geography without them  even realizing it. If you plan to travel let kids go online to one of the travel sites to help ³research² the journey to and from the vacation site as well as interesting places to visit around the vacation site.  Find things for kids to measure or add up, talk about the weather or the oceans these activities may help exercise young minds.
  • Make sure your child is reading.  Research shows that children who are not reading will lose many of the skills and information gained during the school year.  Lisel Rosenthal suggests organizing a book club for kids.  It is a great way to foster a love of reading and get kids talking about books.  Utilize the public libraries,  take kids to bookstores and allow them to choose books they would like to read for fun.
  • Museums, the zoo, aquarium, planetarium, concerts and parks also provide opportunities for learning while having fun.  Have kids keep a journal (writing skills) of their activities and perhaps e-mail friends and relatives about what they are doing.
  • Build or bake.  When kids build or bake they learn about reading directions and measuring and it is good for their self-esteem when they create and share the finished product.


It is probably a good time now to think of how to keep these young brains stimulated and bodies moving over the summer vacation.  Keep it simple, fun and exciting.  But don¹t forget that summer is also for relaxing, playing, taking time off and just being a kid.  

Report Cards:  Report Cards will be emailed home on Wednesday, June 21st.  Please ensure that all textbooks and library books have returned to avoid having your report card held.

Last day of school:  Thursday, June 22nd, dismissal at 12pm.  







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